F.Color Series

  • BL Color

    BL Color

    You can achieve desirable color no matter on grey hair or black hair.
    Formulated with botanical extracts and hair protective ingredients (PPT). It gently works on hair and brings you a beautiful color with shine. BL Color is also gentle against your scalp.
    Salon exclusive hair colors, expanding the possibility of professional hair color artists.
    ※ 'BL' stands for Blooming, which is the concept of our brand.

  • BL Color Pallet Line

    BL Color Pallet Line

    High chroma colors without dull. Vivid and brightening color line-up.
    Just like water colors on a pallet, you can make up your original colors as you wish.

    It enables you to achieve bright colors on bleached hair or light hair.
    You can add more pigments as mixing with MT or GNB. Even for those who originally have black hair, the Pallet colors will offer a vivid hair color with shine.

  • BL Color Gross

    BL ColorGross

    Let your hair shine beautifully with BL Color

    Fiole BL Color Gloss, which doesn’t contain Diamine in its formula yet includes a scent of herbs, color your hair glossy and leaves more solid feeling on your hair

  • BL Color Radice

    BL Color Radice

    Advanced Hair color. You can cover grey hair with beautiful color, just like you want it to be.

    Originally developed hybrid hair coloring technology. Also botanical extracts work on hair and scalp gently, and it colors grey hair with shine.
    Salon exclusive hair colors, expanding the possibility of professional hair color artists.

  • BL Color Radice Quick

    BL Color Radice Quick

    Leaving just 10 minutes(※) after application, then you can get beautiful color on grey hair.
    * In case of normal hair



    To express beautiful hair with a veil of light

    「QUALUCIA is a lineup of highly saturated bright and colorful hair dyeing agent that have little turbidity. It enables you to express not only highly saturated hair color but also ‘transparency’ and ‘softness’. You can add some depth to the color by mixing it with the existing BL color, as well as coloring by itself. * Please use in combination with FIOLE BL COLOR 2nd Agent.

  • BL Powder Bleach

    BL Powder Bleach

    Hair bleaching powder. Excellent bleaching ability and very easy to control.
    ・Very fine powder, which can be mixed up with peroxide smoothly and consistently. And such a smooth bleach powder mixture performs effectively, and makes it easy to apply on hair consistently.
    ・Multiple minerals are contained. Soft texture. Functional moisturizing oil (Mineral Oil )helps not to leave any roughness in its texture, and makes it extremely smooth.

  • Peroxide


    Two of the Hair Protective Ingredients, which enhance the power of coloring and its long lasting.
    ・Soybean Phospholipid
    It helps to color hair evenly, preventing damaged part from being dyed comparably darker than the other part of hair.
    Carbohydrate extracted from corn. It coats hair cuticle with protective film, and makes it smooth.

  • BL Bleach Cream


    Peroxide specifically targeted for grey hair.
    It sticks on grey hair, and less stimulation on your hair and scalp.

  • Hair Color Remover

    Hair Color Remover

    Usable for hair colors and hair manicures.
    11 botanical extracts are contained, which have Anti inflammation and anti-allergy effects.



    Support salon quality hair color

    Color shampoo that allows you to enjoy high-brightness and high-saturation colors. It has excellent color dyeing properties, works on color fading, and prolongs the life of freshly dyed salon colors. It contains 13 kinds of botanical extracts and treats hair and scalp very gently, thanks to its amino acid-based cleansing formula.  



    Bring shine on your hair with a shield of moisture.

    Gel- typed, water-soluble oil treatment that treats color fading and hair damage caused by UV light.
    While caring for the inside of hair with plex ingredients *, QUALUCIA MOISTURE GEL prevents split ends and breakage, keeps the hair well moisturized, and make it more cohesive.
    * Keratin (wool), diglucosyl gallic acid

BL Color BL Color Pallet Line BL Color GROSS BL Color Radice BL Color Radice Quick QUALUCIA BL Powder Bleach Peroxide Peroxide Hair Color Remover QUALUCIA COLORSHAMPOO QUALUCIA MOIST GEL

F. Aid Series

  • PurificaPRO

    4 steps systematic conditioner that belongs to F.AID Series.
    F.AID Series : ‘ Aid for Hair Life ‘ – Protect your hair in a whole life
    PURIFICA PRO brings unique, elastic and bouncy ‘ PRO texture’ to the hair that is in various conditions resulted in after high lightening, color with high tone ( level ) or straightening. By customizing the conditioners depending on each hair condition or damage level, you can treat hair better and any hair can become bouncy and cohesive.

  • Purifica Shampoo&Conditioner

    Purifica Shampoo and Conditioner – Hair Care line in F.AID Series

    The amino acid - based shampoo which cleans hair while hydrating damaged hair caused by hair color or perm, and make it soft. And the Purifica conditioner leads to soft and silky touch, even hair that can be easily tangled.

  • Purifica MiL

    To expand the range of hair designing as treating weakened hair

    PURIFICA MIL is a creamy milky type leave-in hair conditioner which protects hair from dehydration, supply some moisture and softness, and helps to keep it silky and moisturized.

PurificaPRO Purifica SHAMPOO and TREATMENT Purifica MiL

Perm Solution

  • F Wave / F HERBAL STRAIGHT Purefect Straight

    F Wave / F HERBAL STRAIGHT Purefect Straight

    Create hair style as you wish

  • F.Wave


    Design your hair damagelessly.

    Ideal permanent wave lotion for colored hair. Available from cytaines-base to Thioglycolate-base solution.

  • F.STRAIGHT (HERBAL%Purefect)

    F.STRAIGHT (HERBAL&Purefect)

    Freely control natural hair.

    Brings light and smooth hair texture. It fixs natural wave, and offers desirable hair styling, matching on each client's hair type and personality.

  • BL Curl / BL Straight

    BL Curl / BL Straight

    Enables to create elegant form and natural looking style.
    Thanks to Cysteamine effect, you will obtain soft and graceful hair texture as conditioning ingredients act in the hair or on hair cuticle.
    Easy to work with, and you can do the perm and color on the same day.

  • BL Curl

    BL Curl

    Soft and rich texture

    You can make up tight curls that used to be difficult to create by former perm solutions.
    Smooth feeling. You can choose appropriate BL Curl solution, depending on customers hair type or condition.

  • F.STRAIGHT (HERBAL%Purefect)

    BL Straight

    Change hair texture to silky and soft

    As avoiding hair tips getting kinky, it makes hair easy to style up.
    Two of the active ingredients, Cysteamine and Thioglycolate, act effectively on hair cortex. ( Thioglycolate acts supportively )
    You can determine appropriate BL Straight solution, depending on customers hair type or condition.

  • FIOLE  BL Pre-Treatment

    FIOLE BL Pre-Treatment

    Pre-treatment cream

    Helps to prevent hair tips from getting kinky by straightening.



  • Shampoo & Treatment

    Shampoo & Treatment

    New Anti-aging hair cares, pursuing ideal scalp and hair conditions in a good health.
    Year by year, your concerns about hair or scalp can be piled up more and more. FASCINATO has been formulated and developed to make your scalp more flexible and to have your hair become thicker, so that it enables you to style-up your hair with a certain volume. Hair looks silky and glossy, incredibly.

  • Inner Elements Emulsion EX (Leave-in conditioner)

    Inner Elements Emulsion EX (Leave-in conditioner)

    It helps to keep moisture in hair, while adding some volume on your style.

  • Body Wash Deo Soap

    Body Wash Deo Soap

    Rich and creamy foam will give you exquisite pleasure in your bath time.

  • Deo Moisture Milk

    Deo Moisture Milk

    Deo Moisture Milk helps to get your skin to be well- hydrated and leads to smooth yet elastic skin.

  • Root Lift Lotion

    Root Lift Lotion

    The lotion for scalp and hair, which cares deep inside of your scalp and which enables to volume up your hair style.

    It lifts up and supports the root of your hair, improves odor, and achieves ‘bouncy’ scalp and shiny hair.

  • skincare

    FASCINATO Skin Care

    Take care of odor, and make your skin elastic yet firm, and well-hydrated.

    Besides the concept of FASCINATO Series, odor care and aging care (※), this skin care line works on two major environmental stresses of the skin. It protects your skin from UV and external stress caused by environmental pollutants and leads it to healthy condition.
    (※) Aging care means, treatment by cosmetics depending on customer’s age.

  • skincare

    Skin Wash Form

    Face cleansing with rich and condensed foam that hold dirt in pores and wash it out. Very gentle on skin.

  • skincare Lotion Light

    Skin Lotion Light

    Refreshing skin lotion that conditions and firms your skin adequately, as keeping skin moist.

  • skincare Loation Moist

    Skin Lotion Moist

    Skin lotion containing serum, which gives your skin non-sticky, soft and well moisture feeling.

  • skincare Emulsion

    Skin Hydro Emultion

    Non sticky skin milk lotion. It feels like water, and permeates in skin instantly. It brings moist inside the skin, and leads to heathy condition.

  • skincare UV Milk

    Sun Protect UV Milk

    Sun screening milky- type cream that protect your skin from UV.(SPF28/PA+++)

Shampoo & Treatment Inner Elements Emulsion EX (Leave-in conditioner) Body Wash Deo Soap Deo Moisture Milk Root Lift Lotion skincare Wash Form Lotion Light Lotion Moist Hydro Emulsion UV Milk

F.Protect Series

  • Shampoo and Hair ‘Mask’(treatment)

    Shampoo and Hair ‘Mask’(treatment)

    Achieve ideal hair conditions as you wish
    Select your favorite combination among 2 of the shampoo and 2 of the treatment.
    It helps to hold your hair style beautiful for a long time thanks to its damage care effect.
    To keep your hair beautiful indefinitely…

  • Form Keeper

    Form Keeper

    Leave- in treatment which make well-groomed hair look elegant even more and help to keep its style.



    CURE ALL Systematic Treatment dramatically improves hair conditions and solves out various hair troubles. It enables to achieve perfect hair style as you wish.
    The treatment effect will last very long.

Shampoo and Hair ‘Mask’(treatment) Form Keeper CURE ALL

Other Procucts

Earth Oil


Hair Care line, formulated with selected natural ingredients and cutting edge technology.

Pure oil rich in oleic acid, linoleic acid, and natural vitamin E, which plays an important role as cell structural lipids. It gives strength and health to hair while working on aging with high antioxidant power. A soft, moisturizing oil film protects hair and improves gloss

Formulated with rare and luxurious organic oil.

Earth Oil


Hair conditioning oil containing precious Sacha inchi oil extracted from the seeds of Sacha inchi, a plant that lives in the jungle interior of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. A well-balanced formula composed of sacha inchi oil and ingredients that makes your hair healthy and beautiful. THE EARTH TREATMENT OIL helps to obtain soft texture, elasticity, and a smooth, non-greasy feeling. The blessings of nature, which have been carefully preserved and handed down since the time of the ancient Inca civilization, brings you radiant and moisturized hair.

For hair stylings that pursue ‘ lightness(airy)’ and ‘movement’

For high damaged hair that seeks for cohesiveness especially around hair end.

Creative Design

Creative Design

A series of professional salon exclusive hair styling agents, developed as uniting highly advanced Technology, creativity and imagination.

It answers to professional demands. Creative Design helps you to make up any hair styles that you want to achieve!

Earth Oil


A line-up of professional hair styling agents, formulated without fragrance.
Fragrance-free hair styling agents that integrates the three elements, namely imagination, technique and creativity, You can freely enjoy styling up your hair without caring about odor.

Pro Shampoo & Treatment

Pro Shampoo & Treatment

Tightly supports your salon treatment
Launched for salon professionals exclusively. Pro shampoo and treatment leave smooth feeling on your hair. Available with 5 litter eco-friendly container.